The Pile of Stuff

It’s been months since I sorted through my pile of stuff that includes various things that may or may not be important that I put in one spot so it doesn’t get lost. It used to be a weekly task on Sundays and the pile was always current within a week. I’ve been adding to it since late fall and I don’t think I’ve removed anything since early spring. I knew there were some time-sensitive things in it so I put it on my Must Do list for today. It’s been on the Must Do list for weeks, probably months, but it actually happened today. Here’s what I found:

  • My first warning of illegal absence from Lilly’s school. 
  • An unopened letter from the CHOP division of neurology dated in April telling me that Dr. Panzer was on medical leave and the opened one from May telling me that she was now dead. The first one had letterhead with the old CHOP logo, the second one had the new logo. Sometimes things change quickly. 
  • A letter from DuPont Hospital for Children with the details of the siblings of kids with cancer three year research study that Lilly agreed to participate in only because they’ll give her $20 each year for answering their questions about her feelings and experiences about Shawn’s cancer. 
  • The $20 gift card from the DuPont study.
  • My about-to-expire car registration renewal. 
  • The about-to-expire renewal to continue to store Shawn’s frozen testicular tissue to maybe give him a shot at having biological kids when he’s an adult, if he wants to, since the chemo we gave him will most likely make him infertile. 
  • An unopened letter from the kids’ school telling me that it’s illegal to copy the material from the upcoming state standardized tests. 
  • The approval for Lilly to miss school for Shawn’s Make-A-Wish trip with an asterisked note that it will be an unexcused absence since she has missed more than ten days, including back when Shawn was still on treatment and we used to take her down CHOP with us because she is his favorite person and needed to be there.  
  • Notices of approval for four MRIs from Shawn’s secondary insurance via Medicaid. 
  • The flight information for Shawn’s Make-A-Wish trip, that was later changed. 
  • Christmas cards. 
  • Three Audiology reports from CHOP documenting Shawn’s progressive hearing loss. 
  • Ten weeks of Shawn’s old homework, completed and marked by his teacher.
  • Sympathy cards for Bill’s son’s death that still need thank yous to be written. 
  • A Bed Bath & Beyond 20% Off coupon. 
  • Highlights magazines. 
  • Ann Taylor Loft coupons for my birthday in December. 
  • Shawn’s second marking period report card. 
  • Copies of the kids’ birth certificates. 
  • Panda’s adoption and vaccination paperwork. 
  • Waffles’ adoption and vaccination paperwork. 
  • Deposited checks and cards that still need us to write thank you letters for donations when Shawn was in treatment and I wasn’t working. 
  • Sympathy cards from my father’s death. 
  • Coupons from Toni Roni’s pizza. 
  • A 1095-B form documenting that Shawn has state Medicaid coverage for our 2016 taxes.
  • Forms to be completed for Shawn’s 504 plan and IEP for the next school year.

Mail Pic

The Pile used to be a lot less daunting and a lot more manageable. Our lives used to feel a lot less daunting and more manageable. My Pile Of Stuff doesn’t seem to disagree.

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